Gun Speculating: Making  $$$$ From Guns

– Hey guys, James again for TFB TV, and this episode I'mcalling Gun Speculating. Now what is gun speculating? A lot of you may remember a few years ago when the current administration,an anti-gun administration, was elected into office. There was a general panic. There were people that were worried about the resurrection ofthe Assault […]

Alaska Gun Show Finds 2016

Gun Show Alaska Alaska Gun Show Alaska Veterans Gun Show Gun Shows Alaska 2016 Anchorage Gun Show hi it's AlaskaGranny I just returnedfrom the Alaska Veterans Gun Show held every year at Lumen Christi High Schoolgym on Jewel Lake Road in Anchorage Alaska it's a wonderful small gun show withlots of guns ammo some collectibles […]

Chain-Reaction of TEN Rifle Rounds -  Were you right?

and we have it on a remote string reallythis is remote string it's best all I could afford You're a YouTube batman millionaire wecould only afford two feet of string just squint i'll just wait I've gotballistic protective glasses on okay and on flex around this is jeff oftalonflame mouse in this video we're going […]

A great new source for non-lead based ammo!

Hi. This is Joel Persinger. I'm the Gun Guy. Thank you very much for watching myvideos. I really, deeply appreciate it. I have found an ammo company, whilewe were fiddling around at SHOT Show last year, that I really really like. ItsAdvanced Ballistics Concepts. One of the reasons I like them is becausethey're out-of-the-box thinkers. […]

What Ammo Should I Use

what ammo should I use how to choose the right ammo for my gun best ammo for my gun what is a gun data stamp hi it's AlaskaGranny people have askedme frequently what ammo can I use in my gun best ammo for my gun how to choose the best ammo what is the best […]