James Files & Wim Dankbaar: Pres. Kennedy Motorcade, The Gun & Ammo

In this third video let’s look at what WimDankbaar and James Files, who claims he assassinated president John Kennedy, say about John F.

Kennedy’s motorcade route and the gun and ammo Files allegedly used to kill our President.

First:Wim Dankbaar supports James Files’ claim that on the morning of November 22, 1963 hewitnessed a meeting between mobster Jack Ruby and John Roselli whereby Roselli commentsabout an change made in President Kennedy’s motorcade route.

The Truth:Stories of last minute changes in the motorcade route are pure fabrications.

The actual routewas approved on Monday, November 18, 1963 and published in both The Dallas Morning Newsand Dallas Times Herald on November 19, 1963 … three full days before the alleged meetingbetween Ruby and Roselli.

Second:James Files said the weapon he used had a scope and that he took it off minutes beforeKennedy arrived so he could check out people in the area … then he put the scope backon to fire the fatal shot that killed Kennedy.

The Truth:It makes no sense that he would use a scope when most of the people were only a few yardsaway.

And most important … any amateur would knowthat if you took the scope off the gun you would have to re-sight it in order for thegun to be accurate, especially if you’re shooting at a target the size of someone’shead and the target was moving.

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