NRA Calls Ban On Armor Piercing Ammo Sexist

Now here we have an issue that we might finallyget agreed with gun control advocates and the NRA now these are about a certain kindof green tipped bullets that can pierce armor that would I mean who wears armor cops andstuff like that we going to get agreement on this probably let's go to media matterscovering this story on February 13th the ATF published a letter describing its intent toban the importation and manufacture of a type of armor piercing ammunition common calledgreen tip that is used in AR-15 and other AR-type assault weapons again I mean verynoncontroversial do deer wear armor not usually so you don't really need armor piercing bulletshunting I hear that's what it's all about do people who are mugging you in the streetnormally wear armor very very rarely almost never heard of that right to this is reallyit's just to be able to kill people who wear armor like cops and government officials etcI mean obviously everybody is going to agree OK on they explain cause the green tip containsa steel penetrator it is more powerful than some other types of ammunition used in suchfirearms and its use is already banned at some shooting ranges including the NRA's openand shut case even the NRA bans it it's too easy alright so the ATF is moving to ban greentip cue it can penetrate a law enforcement officer's body armor when fired from a pistolOK so I mean this is obviously incredibly dangerous it has one specific purpose so I'msure the NRA will agree they already agree they banned it themselves in their own shootingrange so during a February 27th appearance on the NRA's radio show, NRA Institute forLegislative Action executive director Chris Cox argued against the ATF's action statingnow is the time for gun owners whether you like that AR platform or not to recognizethat they're banning it for a reason OK now wait it sounds like he's about to say somethingreasonable but like look guys understand they're banning it for a reason look they want youto be able to go hunting they're not taking your guns away but they're just banning thisthing cause all it's designed to do is kill cops basically right no of course he's notgoing in that direction you saw this from a mile away right here's what he says insteadthey're banning that ammo because they don't like the fact that women like the adjustablestock and the recoil found on the AR-15 platform Oh that's what it's for it's an armor piercingbullet that they're going to ban but it's secretly a way to ban the AR-15 well that'sa very very secret thing cause all other bullets are allowed in the AR-15 is allowed and allthe other AR platform weapons are allowed this is the only thing that is being bannedbut it's a secret conspiracy against the AR weapons not only that it's a secret secretconspiracy because they don't like women have you heard anything more ridiculous in yourlife there is no bounds of reason for these guys the green tip is so dangerous they banit in their own shooting range but they don't ever want anything banned in the real worldbecause why cause they sell it they get money from the manufacturers who make money offof the green tip they don't want that ban that's money in their pocket cops get killedwho cares I think about that for a second so all those guys who in Ferguson defendedofficer Wilson well you know cops are a dangerous job that Michael Brown was charging towardshim I mean he wasn't armed he didn't have a gun he didn't have any weapons but he'sa big guy and cops need to protect themselves then turn around and go eh screw the copsand the government officials they have armor let's be able to shoot through the armor sowe can murder the cops and government officials better isn't that amazing and then they saythe protesters in Ferguson are too much against the cops you guys want to be able to killthem more efficiently no you're against them it's amazing it's amazing and what a preposterousexcuse oh yeah yeah yeah because women like it more really what poll shows that womenlike green tip armoring piercing bullets more than other types of bullets I mean you'verun out of all excuses it is pitiful if you're an NRA remember do you really believe thiscrap come on you're not this stupid you're not this gullible you know they're lying you'renot in favor of this either I would venture to guy based on previous polling about othertopics that are similar that NRA members over all would be totally in favor of this causethey don't need to pierce any armor cause they're not the bad guys and they're not lookingto shoot cops do you get it they don't represent you they represent the guys who are payingthem they manufacturers who don't mind if the bad guys get guns and armor piercing bulletsthen you got to get more guns and more bullets they make money either way in fact they makemoney if the bad guys have guns oh come on man wake up to what they are doing to youthey're making you look ridiculous and they're endangering you your family and the peoplewho protect your community.

Source: Youtube