Will damaged 22lr AMMO Function in a Ruger Sr22 pistol?


Mattv2099 here.

So what I have here is my ruger sr22.

awesome pistol.

I love shooting this thing.

and some blended ammo.

so I'm going to see if we can actually get any of these blended cartridges.

blended 22lr bullets to fire out of my sr22.

alright, hey dudes.

so what we have here is video three in a series where we are torture testing 22lr ammunition in the first video what I did was I took these crappy rounds and I put them in a blender.

I'll roll in a highlight there.

there will be a link in the card at the upper right.

the second video I breaded and deep fried 22lr and with this third video what we are going to do is load some into our ruger sr22 pistol and see if it will shot and if it is accurate and hit what we are aiming at.

drop a comment and let me know what ammo torture tests you would like to see in the future.

see that.

isn't that cool.

let's see if I can take blended ammo and a ruger sr22 and split a playing card.

there we go we have our first blended bullet it's dinged up.

some scars on it going to load it right int here.

put our ears on see if I can actually hit that playing card.

we are aiming straight at it total miss this is going to be harder than it looks blended ammo two there ammo is working fine this one won't load, nevermind it's too messed up another blended bullet that one won't load either it's hard to find any that are straight enough to load there we go that one will work can't power stroke it that's what sucks about this gun.

there's a magazine disconnect and some other stupid stuff.

total miss so the blended ammo works fine as long as it's not too dinged up this one is straight enough that it'll probably fit look at this most of it is totally unusable that won't even chamber find the ones that are screwed up.

like that one that one is too bent that one is good see if it will chamber lets see if I can hit this stupid card these thigns aren't going where I'm aiming.

this is ridiculous i guess they are not very aerodynamic because they are blended who would have thought blended ammo wouldn't shoot straight alright this is getting ridiculous.

I don't know why I suck so bad at this 22plinkster makes this look so easy show you this beauty here.

This is what we are dealing with.

loading it right in there.

that on won't fit.

oh it went in! shove it in there it's only 22.

it won't blow up missed again.

F it use a shotgun there we go.

oh yeah.

got it saw that thing fly too.

that was awesome there it is.

I'm saving this forever that's freakin awesome.

my first playing card.

that I've ever split in my entire life and you got to witness it.

totally bad ass that's a bookmark right there thanks for watching.

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